What is SAP SD – Essential Factors That You Should Know About

What is SAP SD? Well, SAP SD or Sales and Distribution is one of the biggest functional modules of SAP. It basically handles and deals with all the critical business processes from order up to delivery. The primary operations that this module manages include Customer Sales Order processing, picking, packing, pricing, billing, risk management, shipping, etc.

SAP is becoming more and more popular to businesses and companies and this is so because of the benefits and advantages they offer. This integrated business software program processes the different essential facets of the business operations in order to help the company achieve unified and effective solutions for their unique challenges.

Features of SAP SD

SAP SD actually helps companies and businesses to manage their overall sales and distribution operations, from taking initial order to accepting of payments, to the delivery of the services or products. SAP SD enables businesses to effectively control various components such as sales orders, master data, credit management, deliveries, billing, pricing and many more. Aside from that, SAP SD features subcomponents such as sales support, foreign trade, empties management, indirect sales, transportation, and shipping.

Function of SAP Sales and Distribution

SAP sales and distribution works hand in hand with other SAP R3 modules in order to offer seamless integration. For instance, when SD software gets sales order, it can actually check for any product availability, then trigger ‘Product Planning module’ to make production order. If the products are not available, the sales and distribution module can easily contact Materials Management in order to get the products from outside or third party vendor for them to stock up the inventory. SAP SD will then make outbound delivery document as well as delivery orders, which manage the overall distribution procedure from essential warehouse fulfillment up to delivery. It will also assist with financing, profitability analysis, and inventory.

SAP SD and Its Considerations

Just like the other SAP programs, SAP SD requires expertise in order to successfully operate all its functions. The SAP firm offers 3 levels of certification. The Associate level, which covers all fundamental requirements, aimed at the SAP SD operations. The Professional level, which requires a much detailed and comprehensive understanding about SAP SD approaches. And lastly, the Master level that requires expert level expertise about the different SD processes.

If you are interested to become a SAP SD consultant, you should equip yourself with the necessary knowledge and expertise in this field. Unlike any other fields, there are huge demands for qualified and trained SAP professionals.SAP has different segmented training modules that impart certification and knowledge. And one of the most important aspects is SAP SD. If you are planning on training, you should only choose reputed and recognized training institutes. Though certification isn’t compulsory, it still adds great value to your own marketability, and gets even higher remuneration. So, if you really are interested about having a job in the SAP SD field, knowing the different facets of if will surely take you to a whole new level of expertise.