Variant Configuration in SAP SD

SAP is actually a reliable software that offers end-to-end solutions for all aspects of every business including logistic, distribution, manufacturing, financials, and sales. SAP SD or sales and distribution is one of the most important modules of SAP that primary focuses on handling the entire activities of business sales and distribution. Generally, when it comes to SAP SD, the SD variant is efficiently utilized for variant pricing. In order to assist you in the same regard, there is a variant configuration you need to understand.

SAP SD Variant Configuration Steps

Variant configuration is really valuable, especially if you have various numbers of combinations of valuable parts that go into the product. This just means different combinations and permutations of the parts for the same material. Once you are able to maintain a material code that is unique for every combination parts possible, you need different material numbers.

SAP SD variant configuration is also integrated with various applications which include the following:

When it comes to SAP SD, there are different documents that are used in the process of sales and distribution in SAP like credit memos, returns, sales orders, quotations and sales order contacts. Customer inquiries are given to potential customers or clients for a single item. Right after receiving the inquiry, which is received by the sales office that is associated with the clients, the team can start working to respond to the inquiry. The document will then be sent back to the customers with the most appropriate conditions and price provided by the company. There are a lot of processes involved in the variation configuration of SAP SD. With the right processes, business operations will be more effective.