The Term Output Determination in SAP SD

Output Determination in SAP SD is the term used to get the fax, print, or email outputs intended for the different document types in SAP. Output is usually carried out according to the conditions defined in Customizing. You can actually define different conditions for every output type as well as processing medium.

Output determination component provides output processes for shipping, sales, billing, and transportation in order to help the company manage their sales transactions with their customers. You can actually create sales activities output such as client telephone calls and mailing campaigns. You can also create group output such as freight lists.

A company employees and staff can forward and receive outputs, which are directly related to corresponding sales transactions. For instance, the program will automatically send order confirmation though EDI or Electronic Data Interchange after an employee makes an order.

Any sales transaction basically involves different stages such as order, presales, delivery, picking, packing, shipment, and billing. Each of these stages involves generation of different documents that are specific to a certain stage. More often than not, these document types are needed because of commercial and legal purposes. Sometimes, they also act as milestones marking the successful completion of certain stages.

For instance, the order acknowledgement confirms the company’s acceptance of that order actually marks that the order stage is complete. The invoice that was provided by the company to the customer confirms that the sales transaction is complete.

Generating and processing these types of documents in sales transaction usually involves lots of permutations as well. They can actually have different templates or formats, and can be communicated through different communication media like printed copies, with the use of electronic media like EDI or Electronic Data Interchange fax, email, and many more.

Customers will be satisfied from being able to receive fax copies regarding order acknowledgements. Some may prefer to receive invoices through emails. In SAP sales and distribution, all these essential documents such as the shipping order, order acknowledgement, delivery note, pack/pick list, invoice, shipping order, etc. are referred to as outputs and their effective processing is being controlled with the use of output determination method given by SAP.

If you are running your own company and plan to utilize SAP system, then you should know about the functions of Output Determination and the benefits it can offer. More and more businesses and companies are relying onto SAP and the different modules it features in order to improve different business processes. Output determination is one of the most fundamental factors in SAP SD. Output determination, being a form of media, can help you establish a trustworthy relationship among your customers and business partners.

Customers and businesses of today, don’t just settle for anything less. Thus, it is critical for you to adapt to their ever changing needs and requirements. And one way for you to do this is to utilize what SAP has to offer. And if you already have, then maintaining and improving it is another step that you should take.