SAP SD module PDF

SAP SD module PDF will help anyone obtain important details and information about SAP SD or SAP Sales and Distribution. Basically, this module mainly deals in handling the entire transactions that range from pricing, quotations, proposals and enquiries and so much more. The module for sales and distribution really helps in inventory management and control.

This also consists of transactions, system configuration, and master data. The SAP SD module also has some sub-components that include sales information system, credit management, billing, transportation and shipping, and so much more. This is indeed an important module that can mean the difference between a successful and failing business operation.

The SD function of SAP is actually part of the areas of logistics, and it contains different processes that will help an organization or business effectively integrate with their customers. Apart from that processes given, this is also includes offering quotation to clients, receiving sales through the internet or EDI, via phone, shipping those finished goods and then billing the clients for the goods and service that they have obtained.

SAP SD Components

SAP SD is really a valuable module of SAP. This manages the entire delivery processes of the customers. It also handles all the different activities of distribution and sales in an organization. SAP SD module comprises with various modules which include the following:

SAP Sales and Distribution Main Functions

Organization Structure of SAP

Inside SAP, there is actually an organizational structure existing for the SD module. Sales organization is its highest level. It is responsible for both the sale and distribution of services and goods. It is also the legal entity and related with a single company code. However, it is important to note that a single company code can always have many different sales organizations that are assigned to it. When it comes to the logistic side, sales organizations can possibly sell goods over a plant and such plant and obtain more sales that the organization that sells the products.

This can be divided into different distribution channels that assist a sales force when it comes to getting on the appropriate products to the right clients at the most appropriate price. With regards to the distribution channel, the definition will be determined according to the products that a business sells. With the use of an effective distribution channel technique, your company will enjoy increased sales, improved marketing coverage, and reduced costs across the function of the sales.

For every sales organization, it is of note that there can always be one or more sales division. The sales division’s role is to structure those sales resources inside a sales organization. These sources in sales divisions are mainly focused on one customer or even a group of the same customers.