SAP technology has been popular in advanced technological software allowing R/3 to manage all sorts of duties in business management throughout the organization. In fact, this goes with different types of business computers. For this reason, the hardware of the company may be extended into various ways as an increase in requirements.

When you focused on SAP Sales and distribution, you are going to deal with different SAP functional modules that are linked with one another. One of them is the Marketing Management (MM) which has been designed with a different purpose. If you want to learn more about this SAP module, then continue reading and take note of the given information below.

Link between MM and SD

If you take a look at the interaction of SD and MM, you may think of the 3rd party order processes. These processes make use of the purchase order (which will be sent to the vendor). Aside from that, there will be invoice verification to be used throughout the process. This is used in order to check if the invoice sent to the customer has the same quantity and material just like what the vendor sent to you.

SAP MM Training

SAP MM training software has been considered as the most important module which was created by SAP. It separated a module for every department such as logistics, human resources, and accounting which are the 3 crucial departments that carry out big portion of business process. These modules allow customization for the business activities. Logistical activities involve distributions, plant maintenance, production planning, quality management and sales which can be made possible through the software of SAP MM training.

MM or Material Management is a highly essential SAP module. As its name implies, MM has been comprised of handling and management of resources or materials of the organization. Its great facet involves evaluation processes, batch management process, proficiency purchase processes, and inventory handling process.

This is also associated with some modules like Sales and Distribution (SD) and Plant Maintenance (PM). The entire supply chain has been included in the course of SAP MM. This is to improve the skills of the experience SAP personnel and encourage those who are newbie to take part in this task.

Whether you have been experienced or novice, SAP module, like SAP SD MM, has been designed for everybody. SAP MM training is summarizing the whole materials in which the organization held and produces.