Sap SD Flow in a Document

Sap SD documents can be created with the use of another document that will serve as the reference of the creator. But sometimes, this kind of document can also be created without a reference. Like for example is a quotation for sales order document. Sales orders can be created with reference to a certain quotation. But quotations can be created even if a reference document was not provided. A quotation can be created by itself alone. In this article, the different kinds of SD flow for documents will be describe one by one to guide those individuals who are interested in the different functions.

It includes the use of transaction codes in every document. All the documents which will be created with the use of these codes will be used in the different kinds of sales scenarios. One of the most popular SD flows that are being used in some documents nowadays is the sales-to-sales document flow. This flow is present in sales order documents that are created with the use of a quotation as its reference. Another example is the sales-to-delivery document flow. This document flow is allotted for those individuals who need rush delivery for special orders. This document flow can also be used for the consignment delivery requests.

It also includes delivery-to-billing document. This kind of document flow is for the standard invoices of Sap SD. It is being created with the use of a delivery as the main reference. Just in case an invoice needs to be cancelled with reference to an original invoice, the most appropriate document flow to use is the billing-to-billing document. If the needed document is a memorandum for credit request with an original invoice as the standard reference document, the flow of the document is called billing-to-sales document flow.

In the application of the different kinds of document flows in Sap SD, one of the most important terms that must be defined is the word “reference.” When a document was used as the reference of a new document, what will happen? The answer is very simple. The set of information that is available in the reference document will be imitated in the new document. And the copied set of information from the reference document will be revised by the creator of the new document after transferring it.

The main reason why the contents of a new document with reference document as source of information are only imitated is the fact that SD document creators want to prevent mistakes in the content of the new documents. By copying the contents of a reference document, the several examples of issues that are related to content errors and misused information will be easily prevented in a newly created document. The new document will become more accessible for all the individuals who want to view it because the contents are only duplicate copies of contents of previous documents that were posted in Sap SD in the past.