Route Determination in SAP SD

SAP Sales and Distribution is surrounded by different terms and concepts that play a crucial role in the overall process. For this reason, you should take initiative in understanding each of them to make learning this field easier and faster. One term that you will most probably encounter while in the field of SAP SD is the route determination.

Route refers to the fundamental basis in creating and planning shipments involved in SAP system. It is also the basis for upcoming deliveries’ selection. You may utilize routes in determining the leg (itinerary) as a means of transportation such as ship, truck, plane or train. In addition, these even got fixed departure point (or shipping point) generally as well as destination points (such as ship-to ports, party, etc). A route enables you plan for transport scheduling.

Delivery Route Determination

The route may be distinguished for each order item. Route determination in sales order varies on some factors. These are the following:

The route determination in SAP SD occurred at sales order item level or even a stock transport order. Once you created a delivery, this route will be copied into a delivery header. Before you start its configuration, you should categorize the customer locations in a transportation zone for every country at a given pattern.

The proposed routes in terms of sales order has been found according to the given criteria below:

The delivery actually routes still relies on the given criteria above. This includes an extra criterion weight group. Thus:

However, you have to be aware that there are also some route determination problems or issues encountered along the way. Even if this may not happen always, it is still highly essential to familiarize yourself with all the possible circumstances where it may be experienced. When taking an examination and you happened encountered some issues about it, you have to inform the person/s in charge. In this way, you can easily take the necessary actions with regards to your specific concern.

Understanding the route determination in SAP SD requires careful implementation of the information. At the same time, there should be clear and vivid indication of the details that correspond to this kind of concept in the field of SAP SD. To gather more useful information about determining the route, you may explore the web for further details. There have been specific sites that will give you more idea about it. All you have to do is to spend enough time and effort in looking for the best source of information.