User exits in sap sd

The purpose of User exists in SAP sd is adding extra functions to the SAP standard. Then a customer can edit and modify which is found in the include. The programs which are included with user exists include subroutine calls in some points in the syantaxes with the prefix USEREXIT.

Let’s see some functions of Use exists. The USEREXIT enables the users to add functionalities without making changes to it. These are normally collected in includes and attached to programs by SAP.

USEREXIT_SAVE_DOCUMENT_PREPARE is used in some applications in SD. But in the newer versions this is not used now.

Let’s see some characteristics of SAP SD module. There are mechanisms which are included in order to run or execute the processes in the business like selling, billing and shipping of products and services.

The data flow is coupled so tightly with other modules of SAP which in term, known as integration.

Another characteristic is its multilingualism or multicurrency. Here the users have the opportunity to use any language they would love. The conversation which happens between the currencies is happening automatically and in this process this gets connected to the SAP’s real time currency rate database which is in Germany. This helps operational use.

Another feature is its flexibility and robust functionality. This is catered through configuration. Here R/3 helps the customer to fulfill specific requirements or needs in order to suite the organization. This gets done by IMG or implementation guide with other functions as well.

Other feature is it is very flexible in pricing. Here very complex schemes of pricing are created. And this depends on customers, promotions and also sold goods.

Another feature SD has is its simplicity in the entry of orders. Here the user enters all the information of hos order to the window. And in order to access them, a simple order which are header, item and schedule line information are there respectively.

It is also very comprehensive in its reporting. The SIS known as sales information systems gives users to store, consolidate and report data by the users in various formats.

In the batch processing of orders it is very flexible. The deliveries, invoices, orders and also other documents of sales are created in the form of a batch. And also it is based on the type of order, material or customer. This batch processing can be used to run as tasks in background in order for the balancing of the processing load.

This organization is an entity legally and has one company code. But company codes can be consisting from sales organizations more than one. Taking this into account from the area of logistics, t he organization of sales have the ability to sell their one product to one or more plants.