Third party sales in sap SD

SD is a component of Sap which belongs to the logistics area of SAP. Some of the main roles of a SAP SD consultant are he is responsible in developing, planning, maintaining and enhancing SAP functional areas of the package as well as applications of SAP.

The occupants are assigned to work in various teams and they are utilizing various server or client platforms.

His functional role is defining process requirements of the business. And also SAP SD consultants should have an expertise in modules like MM, CO, FI and BW etc.

In the third party order processing, the organization does not directly pass the items of the customer. Instead they deliver it through a vendor and then he is the one who ships the items to the customer who requested. And then he bills you. So a sales order can be included of third party items as a part or in whole. Here the items you need to deliver will be delivered by another person who is known as a vendor.

If you order products from third party vendor, then what happens is that third party vendor delivers tat goods directly to your hands. And you can deliver the goods to the customer yourself. Here you will be able to use individual purchase order processing.

This type of processing is handled through material types. Material type is where we define whether a particular material can be produced internally, or need to be ordered from vendors or else both these methods can be used. For an example, a material which you have defined as a trading item, can be only ordered from a third party vendor. But, if you produce the goods yourself, sometimes from time to time if there is a shortage you may need to order the same product from vendors.

On the way your system is set, the items of third party can be created automatically. But the user will be able to change a standard item for a third party item manually during processing of sales.

In automatic third party order processing, if the material is delivered frequently from a vendor or more, the user can state the material in the material master that it is a third party good. In the sales order processing, In the order processing, this particular system determine the item automatically which is required as a third party item.

In the process of manual third party ordering, what happens is , when you need a particular item which you produce yourself which means internally from a third party vendor, you will be able to overwrite that item in the category in the process of sales order processing. And for a particular material which you deliver yourself, the user can state the item category group NORM in the material master.

If there is exists an exception the third part material can be used. Here you can change the entry to TAS which was previously TAN.