SAP SD transaction codes

Transaction codes in SAP SD can be categorized in to eight types. Those are frequently used transaction codes, transaction codes used in configuration, end user, MM00, sales and distribution, billing, delivery and general. The codes that are used frequently are VS00, VC00 and VLOO etc.

Transaction codes like VOV8, VOV8 and VOV8 is used at configuration. VD02 which will change customers, VD03 displaying the customer and   VD04 which is related to customer account changes are used in end user. Transactional codes like VA01 related to create an order, VA02 in changing order and VA03 displaying the order is used in sales and distribution. VF02 which is related to changes in billing document, VF11 about cancel ling the billing document and VF04 regarding billing due list is there which are the transactional codes used in billing process. In the process of delivery transactional codes like VL02N, VL04 and VKM5 are included. General transactional codes like VKM3 and VKM4 regarding the list of sales documents, · VKM1 about the list of the SD documents which are blocked and VD52  regarding the material determination exist.

Some of the characteristics of SD module are as follows. There are mechanisms which are included in this module in order to run or execute the processes in the business like selling, billing and shipping of products and services. The data flow is coupled so tightly with other modules of SAP which in term, known as integration. The processes in SAP SD include receive orders through the telephone, internet or EDI, giving quotations to the users, shipping and also billing goods to the consumers when they receive products. Another characteristic it has is its multilingualism or multicurrency. Here the users have the opportunity to use any language they would love. The conversation which happens between the currencies will be happening automatically and in this process this gets connected to the SAP’s real time currency rate database which is in Germany. This helps for the operational use. In SAP, there exists a structure inside the organization. And this structure is created for the module of sales and distribution. In the top level there is the sales organization. And this should be responsible for all the distribution and sales of the consumer goods and services. This organization is an entity when considered legally and has one company code.

In each sales organization in SAP SD module, there can be more than one sales division. The responsibility of this organization is to structure the resources of sales inside the organization. These resources in the division are aimed on an individual user or a group containing like resources. Firstly an inquiry is provided to the user for a good. Then the sales office which is associated with the consumer will receive the inquiry of the customer. And this particular team can work on a response. Finally the document of sales which is associated is a quotation will be sent again for the consumer for a good price and also conditions are given by the organization.