Sap sd pricing interview questions

Sap sd executes business processes like shipping, billing, and also selling of the products and services to customers. So, let’s see some components of this module. They are sales support, master data, shipping, credit management, foreign trade, billing, transportation and sales information systems.

The SD or sales and distribution is a component of SAP which belongs to the area of logistics. It is included with processes which supports businesses or companies to deal with their customers. Some of the processes are receiving orders through the telephone, internet or EDI, giving quotations to the users, shipping and also billing goods to the consumers when they receive products.

Let’s look at some of the questions which will be needed to face an interview if you are facing a SAP interview. A pdf like this helps you to prepare for the interview and also it gives the confidence to win your interview successfully. So if you refer to this particular pdf and face your exam you will be able to win it very easily and walk towards you dream of becoming a professional in SAP SD.

Let’s look at one question in this If a fixed amount is given as the discount condition type, the question is how to establish an unchanging or constant discount for every possible value. For an example for $100, the discount will be $3, 6$ discount for $200 and $9 for $300 and it goes in the same pattern. Here the problem is the scale at VK11 cannot be maintained for the higher values which can come. And if it is needed to determine $3 discount for each $100, how to solve this?

So what do you think the answer would be?

Here there are some method and steps which need to be followed. The first step is new routine VOFM -> Formulas -> Condition value. In here you should divide the amount by 100 and after that multiply the integral component by 3. So after the new condition, should be subtracted by calculate type and minus G formula. Next you can insert the pricing procedure and input AltCy which is a condition formula for calculation types which are alternative minus the formula.

Now we will take another example. It is like this. There are two types of conditions for the cost. One is called customized and the other one is VPRS. In the sales order there values are correct. But a problematic situation arises when the d/o and the billing document is created. The VPRS condition value is wrong with a value 0 and the customized one is correct. The question is what is reason for this kind of situation?

So what do you think the answer would be?

VPRS is a valuation condition where the cost of the goods is normally sold. If the value is coming through the material master record, this can be considered as a standard valuation price. But if this comes from the information record it is the amount of the goods you have sold. You will experience a gap between the value of the material and the real cost of the purchase. And you should check whether you have a standard value in the master record or else a relevant info record. Another possible condition is the customized condition may undo the VPRS.