Sap sd interview questions answers and explanations

Do you like to face the interview to become a SAP SD consultant with a good confidence? Your answer will be yes. But how?

So to solve this problem with the advancement of technology, the PDF containing SAP SD answers and questions will give you the answer.

Let’s see some questions which might come to your interview that are stated in the pdf. On such question is where you will enter the serial number for a sales order for a material?

So if you have a problem relating to the answer you do not need to worry. In the pdf itself there is the answer. Answer goes like this.

The serial numbers are entered on the document of delivery but it is not a sale order. So this will allow multiple serial numbers which can be entered in one line. As an example you can 20 serial numbers for a quantity of 20.

Let’s look at another question. Thos question is related to area menu maintenance.

For a person working in SE43, area menu maintenance, he is copying an existing menu in which the name of the main node is specified already. Here he took COND_AV which is used for maintain records of conditions in SD and then he make a copy named ZCOND_AV. Then the description is changed in the condition maintenance to a different description. So the problem is still in the area menu the main node has condition maintenance. So how to change this? This particular problem can be solved in SE43 itself. You have to create a new menu area and then automatically the area menu name will be assigned to the main node.

Let’s take another question which might come to your interview. If a fixed amount is given as the discount condition type, the question is how to establish an unchanging or constant discount for every possible value. For an example for $100, the discount will be $3, 6$ discount for $200 and $9 for $300 and it goes in the same pattern. Here the problem is the scale at VK11 cannot be maintained for the higher values which can come. And if it is required to determine $3 discount for each $100, how to solve this?

So what do you think the answer would be?

Here there are some method and steps which need to be followed. The first step is new routine VOFM -> Formulas -> Condition value. In here you should divide the amount by 100 and after that multiply the integral component by 3. So after the new condition, should be subtracted by calculate type and minus G formula. Next you can insert the pricing procedure and input AltCy which is a condition formula for calculation types which are alternative minus the formula

These are the samples of questions that will come to your SAP SD interview. This article might have helped you to get an understanding about the type of questions that will come to your interview. Now you can download the pdf of your own and read it. Then you will be prepared to face your interview anytime!