SAP SD freshers jobs

If you are a person hoping to get a job relevant to the area of SAP SD, you must think carefully. Your decision must be firm. And then try to learn everything about tests. You can learn everything about these tests from the websites. For an example a site you can visit is will be given for subjects in the tests. You can get ready for the tests based on these weightages. For an example firstly give more priority to subjects with high weightages. Then give priority to the other subjects respectively based on weightages. You should be so sure when writing answers to the questions which are easy like the topics pricing procedure, route, material etc. You can also go through screens like the screens which are in the transaction level like delivery, billing, delivery list etc. And also you will be able to go through all the masters like customer- material, condition records on prices, material etc. You can also focus on the IMG which are SD related. When you are answering in the exam, be very careful of the English words such as except, can, always etc. and use them appropriately. Always try to learn the basics of the subject. They will not ask on configurations. And final advice to you is that you should have good confidence to the exam.

Now let’s see some job opportunities available for you. One such job is the post of SAP SD consultant. There are various other jobs like Principal functional Analyst, SAP SD Business Analyst etc.

The role of SAP SD analyst is as follows. SAP SD Analyst is also another important job in the field of SAP. The roles of SAP SD Analyst are he is the one developing the models from the process of order up to cash taking process. That process may include receiving and processing of sales orders, recording and scheduling the deliveries, enter the pricing, and initiate the process of billing and also managing credit. The SAP database should be configured, defined and identified with the master data which is behind all these processes. These master data is responsible in establishment of material codes and customer codes. The codes will be interconnected through all the SD processes. These are some of the business opportunities available for you as a fresher. If you do your exams and get qualified, you will be able to get a good job along with a good salary in order to make you career successful.

Role of SAP SD consultant are attending the problems or helping language tickets, communicating with the end users and obtaining and capturing their requirements to see whether there are any new requirements. Achieving the service level agreements is also a function done by him. He should be a person who can take the responsibility in high, medium and low priority tickets without any complaints. And he should be able to configure new shipping points; new payment terms and he should assign new sales office.