Sap sd entry level jobs

In this article we will focus on some entry level jobs which are available in the field of SAP SD. Some of the jobs are IT Fico Analyst, SAP Business Analyst, Order Management Analyst, Junior SAP FM/FI consultants, Procurement Analyst and so on.

Now let’s look at the roles carried out by each of those job positions. IT FICO analyst is responsible for helping the SAP designs which are existing and also implementing new business requirements. He work to maintain good relationship and communication with the customers and should find out solutions for the issues and problems coming and provide user training also. He should be a good communicator to convey status and also should be able to document the changes in the systems.

A SAP Business Analyst should be able to give intermediate guidance for ERP’s SAP design and requirements. The Analyst should have an experience in configuration and designing business processes in SAP FM in order to process the transactions involved with entering budgets, transfers, returns, fund commitments, budgetary ledgers etc. And also it is better if he has experience with MM, SD and FI in order to integrate functionality.

An order management analyst also has some roles to perform in an organization. He should work closely with almost every department in the organization and his activities are not limited to sales, marketing and IT. He should be sure that the customer orders are flowing to the company as estimated. He is responsible in reviewing open order reports, redirecting the customer orders, processing the customer drop shipments coming from locations of vendors, providing the information on products, monitoring and managing the blocks in order delivery and also in reserving the stocks for the customers of high priority.

First of all to become a Sap sd employee you should consider some facts before entering to the field. You should pass exams; get a good knowledge in the area and so on. Firstly of you need to become a SAP SD consultant, think twice.

And then try to learn everything about tests. You can learn everything about test from the websites. For an example a site you can visit is

There are weights given for subjects. You can get ready for the tests based on the weightage. For an example firstly give more priority to subjects with high weightage. Then give priority to other subjects next respectively based on weightages.

You should be so sure when writing answers to easy questions based on topics like pricing procedure, route, material etc.

You can also go through screens like the screens of transaction level like delivery, billing, delivery list etc. And also you will be able to go through all the masters like customer- material, condition records on prices, material etc. You can also focus on the IMG which are SD related. In the time of exam when answering, be very careful of the English words such as except, can, always etc.

Always try to learn the basics of the subject. They will not ask on configurations. And finally you should have good confidence to the exam.