Sap sd configuration guide pdf

Sap sd mainly helps industries by giving solutions for their sales management. This is a component of the logistics module. This helps the customers. This is done by initially from quotations, ordering of sales and also helping all the processes towards the customer billing finally. Some of the characteristics of SD module are there are mechanisms which are included in order to run or execute the processes in the business like selling, billing and shipping of products and services.

The data flow is coupled so tightly with other modules of SAP which in term, known as integration.

Another characteristic is its multilingualism or multicurrency. Here the users have the opportunity to use any language they would love.

Let’s see how to configure Sap sd in the enterprise Structure.

As the first step what you need to do is in this is maintain the sales organization. The sales organization can be defined as an unit in an organization which is responsible in carrying out the sales of specific goods or products and services.

Next you should assign the Sales Organization for the Company Code. In this assignment it is done to make sure that every the sale is made by this Sales Organization are accounted to the assigned organization code. Next step is maintenance of distribution channel. The distribution channel can be defined as the path the services or products reach the customer destination.

Then you need to assign the distribution channel for the sales organization. The assignment here is making sure that the sales organization is able provide the materials for the customers via this distribution Channel.

Next you must maintain the division. Here the division can be defined as a method which is used for the grouping of products, materials or services.

After that we can assign the division for the Sales Organization. As the next step setting the sales area is done. The sales area is responsible for making all the sales. In order to create a sales order setting the sales are is a compulsory requirement.

Then happen assigning of sales organization, the distribution channel and the plant. This plant is produced by the MM Consultant.

After that defining the shipping points gets done. The shipping point can be defined as an element in an organization and this is responsible to the process of shipping the materials for the customers.

Then happen the assigning of shipping point for the plant. In this assignment it is responsible in ensuring the goods from various plants can be dispatched from various points of shipping.

Here remember to ensure to do the under mentioned configuration too via it is not in customizing node of Enterprise structure.

Then you should define the similar or common channels of distribution to the master data. The usage of this procedure is it is responsible in defining the channels of distribution which are containing the common master data.

As the last step you can define common divisions to master data use. The usage of this process is defining the channels of distribution which are containing the common master data.