SAP SD certification syllabus

Everyone in any part of the world will be able to learn SAP. Many books and training materials are available for you to learn about it. You will be able to learn and also use SAP in the daily activities you are engaging and when engaging in processes you can learn about this field. By obtaining a SAP certification, you will be able to be more distinguished among others in the field because it is more recognized and valuable. As an example, SAP AG which holds SAP Certification is considered high in value.

The first level of this is called SAP certified Application Associate. Currently SAP offers master, professional associate levels. The cut out mark for the certification is as follows. 54% for C_TSCM62_64, 57% ,for C_TSCM62_66 and 59% for C_TSCM62_65. This exam’s duration is 180 minutes. It will be available in German, Spanish, English, French, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Chinese and Portuguese.

In the associate certification level of SAP, it is able to cover the principal requirements required to a SAP consultant who is expecting a vast range of skills and qualifications. It will test from you the basic knowledge of theory in the text book. So for this it does not require the implementation experience. This will give you a broad proficiency in the area of SAP. In the professional level of SAP Certification you do not need to pass SAP associate certification; it is not a prerequisite to do this. This can be defined as an advanced certification which will test the experience in projects, knowledge in business processes and also whether you have a good knowledge in SAP solutions.

In the SAP certification master level you will get a chance in order to demonstrate more expertise and a good understanding of SAP software. To face this you will require your innovation abilities, a good knowledge and vision to solve problems and so on. By obtaining this it will provide a proof that you are competent in your profession and it will be more useful when it comes to SAP implementation.

The SAP SD certification syllabus has following topics. They are sales documents, outline agreements, special business transaction, basic functions, shipping, billing, pricing and condition technique, and cross functional. The competency is building, implementing, configuring, modeling, troubleshooting solutions and also the processes. In the syllabus in SAP SD which is expecting the competencies of articulating, explaining, describing, outline solutions and also processes have these topics. They are organizational structures, sales processes, shipping processes, delivery and scheduling of transportation, billing, customer, pricing and material.

In order to get ready to the exam of SAP certification you should try to learn everything about tests. You can learn everything about test from the websites. For an example a site you can visit is There are weights given for subjects. You can get ready for the tests based on the weightage. For an example firstly give more priority to subjects with high weightage. You should be so sure when writing answers to easy questions based on topics like pricing procedure, route, material etc. You can also go through screens like the screens of transaction level like delivery, billing, delivery list etc. And also you will be able to go through all the masters like customer- material, condition records on prices, material etc. You can also focus on the IMG which are SD related. In the time of exam when answering, be very careful of the English words such as except, can, always etc. Always try to learn the basics of the subject. They will not ask on configurations. And finally you should have good confidence to the exam.