SAP sales and distribution

SAP SD can be defined as a module which consists of the functions which are needed by a company in order to integrate with their customers. The process of it this module is as follows. Firstly the pre sales activities take place. Then sales order processing is done. Inventory sourcing, delivery, billing and finally the payment activity take place.

The SAP ERP Sales and distribution gives its users many services. It mainly helps industries by providing solutions for their sales management. This defined as a component which falls under logistics module. This is capable in supporting the customer activities. This is done initially from quotations, ordering of sales and also this will help all the processes towards the customer billing. This is integrated with PP and MM modules. This also provides facilities for customers to input sales prices, forecasting and also checking the open orders etc.

Some of the characteristics of SD module are as follows. There are mechanisms which are included in this module in order to run or execute the processes in the business like selling, billing and shipping of products and services. The data flow is coupled so tightly with other modules of SAP which in term, known as integration. The processes in SAP SD include receive orders through the telephone, internet or EDI, giving quotations to the users, shipping and also billing goods to the consumers when they receive products.

This particular module covers the path of a business initializing from the initialization up to the fulfillment of orders. The processes included in the life cycle of an order are connected or linked internal to the SD as well as external to SD. For an example material management and financial accounting can be taken.

There are some processes in Sales and distribution. The processes included in Sales and distribution or SD is as follows. At first, an inquiry is taken, and then quotation is given, after that finally the sales order is taken. Then MRP process is take place. Then after the production and delivery processes, finally the invoicing of customer gets done.

This module is also very comprehensive in its reporting. The SIS known as sales information systems gives facilities for the users to store, consolidate and report data in various formats.

In the batch processing of orders this is very flexible. The deliveries, invoices, orders and also other documents of sales are created in the form of a batch. And also it is based on the type of order, material or customer. This batch processing can be used to run as tasks in background in order to balance the processing load.

In each sales organization in SAP SD module, there can be more than one sales division. The responsibility of this organization is to structure the resources of sales inside the organization. These resources in the division are aimed on an individual user or a group containing like resources. Firstly an inquiry is provided to the user for a good. Then the sales office which is associated with the consumer will receive the inquiry of the customer. And this particular team can work on a response. Finally the document of sales which is associated is a quotation will be sent again for the consumer for a good price and also conditions are given by the organization.