Rebate processing in sap sd

This can be defined as a discount which is specially given and which is accumulated which is based on the volume of sales in the period and then paid retroactively for the specific customer.

Now we will focus on the rebate and condition technique. The rebate is using the condition technique. But it distinguishes itself from the pricing which applies to the transactions when applying this for the transactions happening over time and between on transaction basis. Here there are some components. They are Condition table. Here this is like an own field catalog and it has its own condition table naming convention. So for this you can have two condition tables called 001 which is for pricing and another one for rebates. Then there is an access sequence. You can create an access sequence. Here you can enter 1 in the field category for the rebate specific. There is a major difference between a rebate and a pricing access sequence. That there will be no exclusion flag which will be available for the rebate related Aseq. The last one is the condition type. The condition types related to rebates can be identified as the condition class C. If you have created and defined condition types for the rebates, you are able to include them in the procedure of pricing.