Material determination in sap sd

Material determination gives the users to automatically substitute materials in the sales documents in the tome of sales order processing. As an example during a sales order promotion activity, the system is able to substitute the material which has the promotional packaging automatically during the course of sales order entry.

The material determination can be used for various purposes other than that for automatic substitution. As an example these can be taken into account. Customer-specific product numbers with your own material numbers, international Article Numbers with your own material numbers and substituting discontinued materials with newer materials.

When talking about material exclusion and listing, the usefulness of it is it enables the users to control the materials which are the goods particular customers may buy or may not buy. As an example if you have created a material listing for a customer, he will be able to order items only from that list. Here you can also create a master record in order to do material exclusion for a certain customer. Then the output is that customer will not buy those excluded materials.

Material determination can be also known as substitution of one product with another. And this substitution is done only for a specific period. This material determination is based on the sales document type mainly. By following the condition technique, the condition records can be maintained and also definition for the criteria can also be done. Standard material determination procedure for order type OR is A0001. Standard material determination condition type is A001.

Swapping products is done due to some business conditions. The reasons are known as substitution reasons. For each of these reasons, a substitution strategy can be defined. By doing this, system will replace products as per material determination record after carrying out availability check or can give list of substitute products for users to check and select or replace material without availability check.

Let’s see some steps of this procedure. Step 1 is maintaining a field catalog. Step 2 is clicking on display condition tables. Then maintain the access sequences. The last step is maintaining procedure.

These are some facts about material determination in SAP SD. Let’s see what is SAP SD? One of the important modules in SAP is its SAP SD module or sales and distribution module. This is a module which is responsible in handling all the activities starting from an order to the delivery part. This executes business processes like shipping, billing, and also selling of the products and services to customers. So, let’s see some components of this module. They are sales support, master data, shipping, credit management, foreign trade, billing, transportation and sales information systems.

The SD or sales and distribution is a component of SAP which belongs to the area of logistics. It is included with processes which supports businesses or companies to deal with their customers. Some of the processes are receiving orders through the telephone, internet or EDI, giving quotations to the users, shipping and also billing goods to the consumers when they receive products.