Determinations in SAP SD

The SD module in SAP mainly helps industries by giving solutions for their sales management. It also supports the customers. This is done by initially from quotations, ordering of sales and also by helping all the processes towards the customer billing. This is integrated with PP and MM module functions. This provides facilities for customers to input sales price of them, forecasting and also for checking the open orders etc. There are some determinations of SAP. Let’s look at some of these determinations.

The purpose of batch management or determination is as follows. In the process of logistics you will need to determine batches tor the individual transactions and you need tome for that. The batch determination can be used for all the movement of goods in the warehouse in order to search the batches which meet certain specifications. This can be also used in the management of inventory. This can be used to move goods if you have products that have a posting of goods issue, with a transfer posting or else with a stock transfer.

Integration between the components FI and SD is happening via Account determination. This happens in the time when billing happens which is when the real integration will reflect from SD to FI. When the billing process is finished, the Invoice is created automatically in FI. This billing is flowing l flow from SD-FI as the RV document. The price will be obtained via the condition technique that is defined in procedure of pricing which is done by SD consultants. The access sequence will support to pick the more relevant prices which are depending on the parameters. The parameters are customer, material and sales organization etc. These prices are defined from more relevant or appropriate for the most general for different combination of parameters which are in access sequence.

For the tax determination, there are techniques which can be used. They are condition Method technique which is mainly used to calculate the taxes. And also there are Tax Calculation Procedures which are with the tax codes which can be used for calculation of the tax amounts.

The route determination is based mainly on some aspects. These aspects are departure zone or country of the delivering plant, destination zone or country of the Ship to Party, shipping condition from the customer master, transportation group from the material master and finally the weight Group.

The Output determination provides the functions for sales, transportation, billing and shipping in order to help the employees to manage and coordinate activities with the customers and also within the organization too. Here you will be able to create sales activities and group them. As an example you can create sales activities like customer telephone calls, mailing lists etc.

Material determination gives the users to automatically substitute materials in the sales documents in the time of sales order processing. As an example during a sales order promotion activity, the system is able to substitute the material which has the promotional packaging automatically during the course of sales order entry.