Batch management in sap sd

Simply Batch Handling in SAP defines extra keys fields for the customers in order to recognize the same materials. This particular structure included in material master record will provide the easy management stocks of a material by the value which is in plant level or else in company code level and also by quantity down to storage location level. But under some conditions the user may want to make extra subdivisions for a material and also manage batches.

Some features in materials always cannot be given a guarantee that they will exactly be like they are in production. As an example the colors you used in a production may not have the same shade as it was. These small differences in the production lots can’t be avoided. You can recognize individual production lots uniquely which are included in the same material and you can manage them individually in the stock.

As an example the pharmaceutical products may need that kind of a unique identification. So you can identify them and manage them based on the material number and batch number, and maintain them in stocks separately.

Using the batch handling process, not only you can manage the production stocks at in house, you can manage the stocks from vendors also as individual entities. It is possible to supplement standard batch management with status management in this

Let’s see the purpose of batch management or determination. In the process of logistics you will need to determine batches tor the individual transactions and you need tome for that. The batch determination can be used for all the movement of goods in the warehouse in order to search the batches which meet certain specifications. This can be also used in the management of inventory. This can be used here to move goods if you have products that have a posting of goods issue, with a transfer posting or else with a stock transfer.

In Production also you have the ability to use this batch determination process which is used production and in processing of orders and also for running schedule headers in order to search appropriate components of material for goods for producing and also to obtain the goods from stock.

In the field of sales and distribution this is able to determine the batches which match the specifications of customers. Batch determination is able to be triggered in two points at this process. They are when the selling orders are entered and the other one is when that delivery is made.

This is also used of the system called warehouse management. Here it is used in order to optimize the warehousing.

Now let’s look at some features of batch management. They are it uses user defined strategies for searching. The user can select the primary or key fields of the transaction which he needs to find for batches. Another feature is it has types of strategies that are interconnected and linked to separate business transactions. Another feature is its search procedures. Here you will be able to prioritize and also group few strategy types for a search procedure.