Account determination in sap sd

Integration between the components FI and SD is happening via Account determination. This happens in the time when billing happens which is when the real integration will reflect from SD to FI. When the billing process is finished, the Invoice is created automatically in FI. This billing is flowing l flow from SD-FI as the RV document

The price will be obtained via the condition technique that is defined in procedure of pricing which is done by SD consultants. The access sequence will support to pick the more relevant prices which are depending on the parameters. The parameters are customer, material and sales organization etc. These prices are defined from more relevant or appropriate for the most general for different combination of parameters which are in access sequence.

The data must hit the relevant general Ledger accounts those you mentioned in the T-code named VKOA

Taking the sales process into consideration, Sales order is the one making the foundation or basis of the sales process. When a customer placed an order this sales order should be created at the beginning of that process. This sales order is produced at the distribution chain level. Then the items which are ordered may be from coming from various divisions. The sales order can be defined as a document in SD and it is not causing any postings in the field of financial Accounting. And when sales order is entered, then the system will carry out an availability check to the needed date of delivery.

When comes to the shipping day, an outbound delivery document will be made. The billing process to the particular delivery can will take place only during the goods are taken from the warehouse stock and then posted as a goods issue.

Warehouse management functions are normally required for the picking process. The transfer order should be made, which produces the pick order. These requested goods are taken from the warehouse and then prepared to delivery.

These goods which should be sent to deliver must be posted as a goods issue. The goods issue document is made in MM and then an accounting document is made in FI then those goods issue is posted to the accurate G/L accounts.

The final process which is in the sales process is the billing procedure. The billing document is made in SD and then invoice which is printed must be sent for the customer. In the meantime, the document is made in FI so that the revenues and receivables must be posted for the accurate accounts.

This is also defined in the IMG as the revenue account determination. But this is covering a much more than that which are discounts and taxes etc.  This is what which defines how the financial impact of the SD Billing document must be posted for general ledger in FI.

The process of integration is controlled in the two components SD and FI. Inside SD there exists a great area related to configuration which is known as the pricing procedures.